“We’re the NERDS you picked on in grade school and we’re here to FIX your computer or network.”


Your computer is precious and vulnerable, like, for example- an adorable kitten. How do you feel about all of your personal data, photos, memories and files  that you have on your computer being so susceptible to virus infection? Let us help turn any of your digital devices from a cuddly ball of joy into a ferocious and protective lion! Viruses, malware and hackers won’t stand a chance getting into your computer once we’re through- 100% Guaranteed.


We understand that a slow computer can cause stress, create delays in getting work done, and make keeping up with emails impossible. Some important programs and applications will simply not work.We can use our geeky tricks to get your computer running like new. We know all the tips and tricks to clear your computer’s clutter to create more space and to update all your programs to work the most efficiently. You will be amazed at how fast your computer can be!


Love it or hate it, almost all of us are dependent on a Windows® operating system. Who could imagine their life without the Microsoft® Office? However, with all the new versions and enhancements of this software and applications, trouble is bound to happen. When your Windows® operating system or any other software or applications are giving you trouble, we guarantee we can get them performing to their ultimate potential.


You may not have a virus or your computer may not be crashing, but chances are your computer system could use a good update. We use all of our tech knowledge and skills to meticulously dissect your computer to see where it’s weaknesses are. Then we expertly fix, upgrade, restore and tune-up your computer software and applications to guarantee that your computer is running at its optimum performance level.