A recent article, Six often-overlooked ways businesses and consumers can save money when buying Apple hardware by Jordan Golson says that purchasing products straight from Apple store offers great options and discounts.

While Apple devices are available from various retailers, there are some tricks that buyers can use to get the best deals.

  1. Education and government discounts

Apple offers discounts to students, faculty and government employees through online store, just simply go to the appropriate Education or Government sections of the Apple Online Store to get discounted pricing.

While, in Apple Retail Stores, just bring your ID, pay slip, business card or tuition bill along with photo ID to get the discounts.

  1. Corporate employees discounts

All Apple Retail Stores have lists of all companies entitled for discounts. Employees are required to present a business card, pay slip or work ID to get the discount. Apple offers discounts on different products including iPads, Macs and third-party accessories.

  1. Maximize your warranty coverage

Purchasing your Apple devices using a credit card that offers extended warranty protection can be a great way to take full advantage of your warranty coverage. For instance, if you’re an American Express cardholder and you purchase a Mac and AppleCare with AMEX card, then you get a total of four years warranty—three years from AppleCare and one year from AMEX.

  1. Refurbished and clearance

Apple offers discounted refurbished and clearance products as well. The devices come with full warranties and have had their external covers replaced. There is no sign on the box or the device itself that it is not brand-new.

  1. Transfer of Warranties

Apple’s 1-year manufacturer warranty and its three-year AppleCare service plans are assigned to the serial number of the product, thus if a computer is sold, the warranty follows regardless who the owner is.


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