We are the Shift Tech Squad – proficient, passionate and professional in all things tech related.
It is our mission to provide you with the best computer support solutions.


Shift Tech Solutions, LLC is a Technology Services company providing Personal Computer and Business Server Support. We use our depth of experience to help individuals and business enjoy the full benefits of technology, and work more productively and profitably.

Since 1997 our owners have been focused on the technology business; repairing computers, managing websites & server, developing advanced website & software, and implementing technology solutions to help individuals and business grow and prosper in the digital age. We have worked on creative and technical projects for many start ups, SMEs, and top “Fortune List” companies such as AT&T, General Motors, HP, American Express, Bristol Myers Squibb, Chrysler Corp, Choice Hotels, and FedEx — as well as various non-profit organizations such as Junior Achievement, United Way, and faith-based organizations.

With offices in the USA, Canada, and India; we are a technology services provider committed to developing and delivering solutions that make technology work better…. and improve the lives of those who use it!


Our goal is simple: increase productivity, efficiency and revenue for our clients. Whether that is helping make computers and technology run better, or developing a new website, or managing servers, websites and databases; we are committed to understanding the needs and delivering strategies that yield measurable results.

Our business philosophy is to put our clients needs first and then empower the collective talents and skill sets of our team members to meet those needs in the most efficient and cost effective way.


  • We hear your challenges and analyze your needs – be it a market segment or industry vertical. We then examine old and new ideas with a fresh perspective and give you recommendations you can use.


  • We don’t just show up, share a few ideas and leave. We walk side by side – helping you identify the needs, explore the opportunities and develop solutions to navigate the complex business terrain.


  • Once we understand your needs, we map out a recommended solution. Often our recommendations are presented in the form of technical specification documents that let you see every angle of our solution on paper.


  • We deliver, plain and simple. We leverage a powerful suit of technology tools to deliver powerful solutions that engage your customers and deliver your message in the most


Four values drive us forward and help us RISE as an organization:


  • People are at the core of our endeavors. We enjoy mutual trust and respect among individuals, clients and business partners that make up our history. It’s these relationships that fuel our innovative thinking, heighten productivity and spawn exhilarating products and services that help shape the future.


  • We measure the value of technology by its ability to improve the life of the user and society. We purpose to make a positive and lasting impact on both society and the business climate. We promote excellent work, quality technological advances, exceptional business standards, and ethical living.


  • Superior leaders steward their resources and lead by example. As a fast-paced industry leader, we are dedicated to helping global economy businesses navigate smoothly through the changing landscape of business opportunities. This commitment ranges from investing in developing counties through our offshore offices, to the manner in which our products and solutions are designed to provide better functionality to our clients, so they can better achieve their goals.


  • Excellence is an attitude that permeates our organization. It’s a pledge to give the best, to reach beyond past achievements, to think beyond preconceptions, and to attempt to deliver beyond what is expected. We create with pride, deeply satisfied in every success on the clients’ behalf.

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Our 5-Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Even the best of us make mistakes. We do or best to fix every computer problem, but sometimes a tricky issue can he harder to fix than we expected. If are not satisfied you service call, please tell us about it! We’ll do everything we can to make it right. If we can’t fix the problem, we’ll refund your charges – Plain and Simple!!

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction
Every fix we make comes with our 5-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the same computer issue crops up again within 5 days of your service call, please let us know. We’ll fix it again at no additional cost. And the best part — it’s a rolling guarantee that resets each time we return to fix the same issue.