A recent article, Avoiding Adware, by Admin, observes that adware is widespread, hard to resist, and treacherous. It pops up whenever you download something from the internet and worse, it sometimes installs itself.

Here’s how to safeguard your computer from adware that is trying to assault your system.

Be careful of clicking pop ups and advertisements. Don’t click on ads or popups when you’re on the internet.

Be watchful for programs that modify your search page. Don’t agree if a program you install wants to alter your search page. That is Adware that wants you to use their services, so they can send you ads or track your search habits.

Carefully read license agreements. If the license agreement suggests anything about modifying your search page, installing a toolbar, altering your homepage, etc., do not agree. This is adware.

Be careful what you download to your computer. Downloading free software is the gateway of adware. If you need to download HP printer software, ensure you only download it from the manufacturer’s’ site. Do not click on any of the results that are not part of hp printer support.

Pay attention for third party sponsored programs. Once you download a free program from the internet, you have to run an installation. Generally, there are a few check boxes where you agree to terms. Ensure to uncheck all of them before you click the “next” button, to avoid installing adware.

Delete unsolicited emails. Don’t click on unwanted emails. These may contain adware, malware, or infected links that can try to steal your identity.


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