A recent article, How to Legally Protect Your Online Business by Paul Estcott says that your greatest responsibility as a business owner is to protect your company from possible threats and to ensure that overall operations run efficiently.

Here are several ways to protect your business online.

  1. Protecting against cybercrimes.
  • Install malware and anti-virus software like McAfee Internet Security and Norton Internet Security and keep them updated.
  • Encrypt important data such as bank accounts or employee information, this is the kind of data that cybercriminals are searching for.
  • Ensure that you and your employees have strong passwords.
  • Disable the SSIDbroadcasting function on your router to hide your network.
  1. Get experts for security issues.
  • Think about getting online computer tech support for your technology frameworks  or a security engineer responsible for online protection.
  • Find a good lawyer to manage/handle all legal matters regarding your company.
  1. Consider legal and security issues.
  • Avoid making malicious statements or engaging in any business that might be considered suspicious.
  • Get liability insurance to protect yourself against unfortunate circumstances. Errors and omissions coverage should also be considered, particularly if you’re working with people.
  • Another option is to build protection through your contracts.
  • Assign a legal entity (Limited Partnership, Corporation, LLC, Sole Proprietorship etc.) to your business and choose which one best fits your needs. LLCs are preferred because they pass losses through the organizationto those involved in it.
  • Add a Disclaimerand Privacy Policy page on your website to limit liability.
  • Register your Trademark, and secure a Patent.


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What other tips can you share to handle your online business smoothly? How do you run your business online?  We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below.