Your brand determines the way your customers engage with your products and services. It is the essence and perception of the vision and purpose of your company.

We offer several turnkey Digital Marketing Packages which provide monthly online marketing support services including SEO, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Etc

EZ Marketing - Standard

  • 10 Optimized Keywords
  • 2 Blog Posts/Month

EZ Marketing - Premium

  • 20 Optimized Keyword
  • 4 Blog Posts/Month
  • Free Standard Website Hosting

EZ Marketing - Pro

  • 50 Optimized Keyword
  • 4 Blog Posts PLUS 4 Curated Posts/Month
  • Free Premium Website Hosting

You may also call us for a customized quote to suit your budget and requirements:



Whether you are rebranding your company or launching a new brand, it is important to strategically position your brand for positive recognition, business growth and customer loyalty.

Logo & Corporate Branding—Be a brand leader by leading with a strong brand!  EZ Tech’s design team will transform your online brand by crafting your custom logo, web site, or application so that it captures and keeps your audience engaged.

Copywriting & Editing—Connect with your audience though a messages that compels and inspires!  EZ Tech’s panel of creative writers will professionally deliver high impact content for your web, email, and social audience.

Press Release Distribution—Spread compelling news to engage key influencers! EZ Tech will generate positive press visibility and help you navigate any potential negative reputation issues, using national distribution channels and prominent connections in the media industry.

Marketing Alignment—Integrate your marketing to drive increased results! EZ Tech will work with your key marketing partners to review your current advertising and marketing plan and provide creative, effective strategies that align your marketing goals.


A digital marketing strategy is the foundation of online brand’s development, expansion, protection and fortification. EZ Tech’s digital marketing team has a comprehensive understanding of social media, content marketing, search engine optimization and reputation management that work hand-in-glove to ensure that your brand is visible, your message consistent, and your leads are convert to loyal, raving fans.

Social Media Marketing—Transform customers into brand ambassadors! EZ Tech’s social media strategists will help you leverage multiple social media platforms to publish original compelling content that boosts your credibility, visibility and reputation.

Content Marketing—Engage your audience and enrich their knowledge!  EZ Tech’s content marketing team creates and distributes original blog posts, articles and messaging designed to make you a recognized thought leader in your industry, and engage the target market your business serves.

SEO & SEM—Increase your online visibility, drive more web traffic, and realize a better return on your investment. EZ Tech’s search engine optimization team has the skills and knowledge in the latest search engine algorithms to get the search results and ranking your company needs to move its message forward.

Reputation Management—Take back ownership of you online Reputation! EZ Tech’s reputation management team monitors and repairs your online reputation by suppressing negative reviews and creating positive new connect to restore the strength your brand and image.