Whether developing a new website or software/mobile application, or enhancing your existing program, we are committed to developing solutions that deliver measurable results.

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Before starting any program, it is imperative to understand your goals and outcomes. Our specialized processes ensure that we understand the project requirements and success criteria before work begins.

Some firms sell a one-size-fits-all solutions and over-promise unrealistic results. We follow a different model.

  1. Analyze – First, we analyze your needs to establish baselines. This process involves reviewing your current needs and future goals, existing online and offline marketing activities to fully understanding the story, and message of your company determine what technology solutions(s) can best meet your needs..
  2. Define – Next we define goals, milestones and what success looks like to you. We carefully construct a technology strategy based on your business objectives and target clients, with measurable results and timelines.
  3. Plan – Great ideas are only as good as how well they are executed. We identify the project requirements and ensure you have the right plan, process and team in place to execute successfully.
  4. Implement – Finally, we implement the exact services needed to deliver maximum return on your technology investment. We will manage your team, our team — or a combination of both. We are committed to your success regardless of who gets the recognition.


Your online web presence isn’t just a series of colorful words pretty pictures; it’s a multi-faceted communication tool that should be skillfully crafted with the latest marketing and technology techniques. The EZ Tech team doesn’t just build technology — we build technology that supports you branding and marketing efforts to increase revenue and build social capital.

  1. Marketing—Our technology solutions support your strategic marketing and sales efforts with the latest lead development features and modules to keep your business on the right path to success.
  2. Content—Our technology solution support your content strategy by ensuring content is delivered in a clear, consistent, and engaging and SEO optimized manner through web, mobile and social platforms to compel your audience into action.
  3. Technology—Our technology plans equip your business and marketing operations with the latest technological innovations to efficiently deliver your message and enhance your customer’s online experience.
  4. Methodology—Our proven methodology leverages the right tools in the right ways to ensure successful outcomes. From MS Project, JIRA, and Confluence, to Agile, Waterfall, and RAD we employ many industry standard development tools and methodologies depending on client requirements and preferences.


Your brand determines the way your customers engage with your products and services. It is the essence and perception of the vision and purpose of your company. Whether you are rebranding your company or launching a new brand, it is important to use technology in a way that strategically positions your brand for positive recognition, business growth and customer loyalty.

  1. Branding—Be a brand leader by leading with a strong online brand! Many technology companies only understand technology. The EZ Tech team understands marketing, and how to best leverage technology to achieve your marketing goals.
  2. Messaging—You have worked hard to connect with your audience through messages that compel and inspire! EZ Tech ensures that content is delivered in a way that is SEO compatible and easily found and indexed by the search engines. We also make sure your technology leverages all aspects of web, email, and social engagement.
  3. Alignment—Integrate your marketing to drive increased results! EZ Tech doesn’t just build websites, we leverage a range of technology tools from marketing automation, to email marketing, to lead capture, to Database management.