A recent article, What to expect on Windows 10 front at Microsoft’s new devices launch by Mary Jo Foley talks about the launching of various kinds of Microsoft’s Windows 10 devices in New York City on October 6.

Here is the list of Microsoft’s devices:

  • Lumia
  • Surface
  • Band
  • Xbox One
  • HoloLens

Microsoft is launching these devices simultaneously to give strength to the company’s years-old argument that One Windows is better than many Windows.

One Windows doesn’t really mean a single version of Windows 10 will run on all these different devices, but:

  • Different variants will ultimately share a common Windows core
  • A common Windows Store
  • An increasingly common set of development tools
  • And many shared user interface features

On Surface PCs and tablets and Lumia phones, Microsoft is working toward delivering the updated version of Windows 10, “Threshold 2” in November.

Threshold 2 will include a number of Windows 10 features that were absent from the OS when it started rolling out last July, including:

  • enterprise-data-protection support
  • a Windows Store for business users for their own apps
  • the new Skype messaging and video apps

The Windows Store and Cortana integration may come to Xbox One users in preview form this year.

Microsoft is holding code camps to get developers prepared to create apps for the coming HoloLens glasses.

The second-generation Microsoft fitness band isn’t expected to run Windows 10 but it will connect to many of the same back-end services to which other Windows 10 devices can, such as:

  • Microsoft Health
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Application Insights
  • Event Hubs and more.
  • And it will work with Microsoft’s new mobile devices, as well as non-Microsoft ones.


Microsoft’s “one big happy Windows 10 family” message goes beyond the OS itself but the Windows “more personal computing” bucket. With these new Microsoft devices, users will enjoy the benefits of technology to the max; hence more extensive Windows Support and online security are required.  At Shift Tech Solutions we provide comprehensive technical support for computers, laptops, notebooks, tablets and mobile devices. If you are experiencing any problems with your digital devices, call us and we can assist you. We excel in Online Remote help for Microsoft Windows and Online Remote Antivirus Help so give us a call today!

Come and join the Windows 10 family.  Let us know your thoughts and questions below.